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Mr Kenneth Denton in front of 'Denton Antiques' in Marylebone High Street, circa 1930

Denton and Mrs M. E. Crick shops Mrs M. E. Crick George, Elizabeth and Edward Crick; Mr Kenneth Denton Mary and Michael Denton The Denton Family

Elizabeth married Kenneth Denton, son of Mrs Mary Tansley Denton, who was in the antiques trade at the same time at 83a and then 87 Marylebone High Street. During the 2nd World War he was a Police Inspector in the Specials at Marylebone Lane, doing night shifts fighting fires in the air raids.

The shops stayed open throughout the war, despite bombing, blackouts and rationing of electricity. Victory was celebrated when the local priest presented a gift of candles and the window was ablaze with light. This was an amazing sight to Londoners, deprived of shop illumination for six years.