Clients come from all over the world to view and purchase from our large selection of antique lighting. We are also proud to serve many leading international interior designers and architects.
The Star, December 9th 1922

"Society's Craze For Chandeliers: Business Romance Of A Woman Expert" "Mrs M.E. Crick…… one of the leading authorities in London…… a vivacious woman possessed of humour, and with a twinkle in her eye."
THE STAR, Saturday December 9th 1922

Mrs E. R. Denton in the shop window 1922

"Chandelier Cleaners' Busy Time."
THE ILLUSTRATED CHRONICLE, Monday December 11th 1922

The Daily News and Westminster Gazette, October 1st 1929

"Crystal Lights and Rainbow Glass"
"The exquisite beauty of antique glass possesses an influence that very few women can resist……Several of the foreign Embassies in London, notably the new American Embassy at Princes Gate, have been supplied by Mrs Crick ……an Indian Palace and a large Berlin Hotel……Today, when our ruling passion in decoration is simplicity and utility, the beauty of glass which amplifies and reflects the source of our illumination makes a special appeal to us, and properly used, lends charm and distinction to our furnishing schemes."

Suite of six Victorian Chandeliers for the Parliament building in Ottawa

"Fit for a King: The Golden Look for Room 200"
"But the crowning glory of Room 200 is the set of antique crystal chandeliers. The six eight foot deep fixtures, were bought in their thousand pieces from England. Special chandelier experts were brought out to assemble them."
THE OTTAWA JOURNAL, Friday February 14th 1964

"British Scene: Victorian Fixtures In Ottawa"
"Michael and Mary Denton, two specialists in the chandelier business here, have just returned from Ottawa, where they supervised the assembly of six chandeliers of Victorian vintage in the West Block of the Parliament Buildings……It seems that chandeliers, like other things, have their seasons of fashion, and according to this family they are popular now."
THE GLOBE AND MAIL, Thursday February 27th 1964

Nina Campbell

"The Well Appointed Decorator."
"Nina Campbell, in a crystal cloud at Denton's in London - 'the most remarkable chandelier shop on earth' "

Denton Antiques

"92 Years in Prisms"
"…captivating its customers with shimmering chandeliers and glassware. Michael and Mary Denton were involved in the business for as long as they can remember. 'I was first handed a pair of pinning pliers at the age of four,' says Michael. Their combined knowledge of chandeliers is naturally awesome. Over the years they've seen grand chandeliers of every period and style come and go - and come back again. Only recently we bought one that our grandmother sold to Syrie Maugham for Wilsdon Manor'……M.E. Crick is still as famous as ever for the quality and quantity of the shimmering stock hanging from the ceiling."

large chandelier at the Olympia Fine Arts and Antiques Show

"…fair organisers watch carefully as a 750lb antique chandelier made of nearly 3,000 pieces is lifted into place at the Olympia Fine Art and Antiques Fair which opens tomorrow in West London"
(Photograph : Olympia Fine Arts and Antiques Show)
THE TIMES, Wednesday 2nd June 1999

Nina Campbell at Denton Antiques

"London Calling, Nina Campbell's favourite sources for the English Style"
"I buy chandeliers and wall lights for my clients at Mrs.M.E.Crick, but I also love their coloured glass…… but for me the cornerstone is Mrs M.E. Crick, the best source in London for chandeliers and wall lights. The shop is one of those London treasures untouched by time; it still has its original mahogany display cabinets……"Our staff love to talk to customers, watch their eyes light up as they point out the crispness of the hand-cut glass or show them the restorations in our workshop behind the shop. There is no such thing as a collector of chandeliers. How many does one need in a lifetime? Most people need advice; they need to take their time.""

Graham Viney at Denton Antiques

"Crystal Magnificence in London"
"No one knows more about chandeliers than the Denton and Crick families, who've been in business for generations and whose holdings continue to amaze and dazzle," says Graham Viney.


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